Angry levi x shy reader

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But what if the other side sees it differently? And what if both of you are blind and ignorant? You will see. Sometimes you just desire more than only for kisses. Sweet Torture - Part 1. Did Shorty something bad to you? You started to shook your head and put both your hands on her shoulders. You blushed and wanted to be elsewhere else.

No, no sad! Mikasa blinked few times. She ruffled her hair and started to look away from you. Like… what do you mean exactly? Nothing is too general word. You sighed again. Mikasa was finally with Eren. Stuff you wanted to do with Levi. If someone knew, especially Levi!

These meetings between the two of them were horrible for you. You were tired all the time and the training was horrible. This added to your frustration even more.

Big red tomato which would burst in any moment. Mikasa looked at you confused. Like training or something? Getting him out of the problems? Or what? I mean having sex! Even more reddish than before, you hoped no one saw you. Or hear you! She blushed. Mikasa Ackerman was blushing! She was even reddish than you. She looked at you embarrassed and in that moment it got to your mind Please, tell me… NO! Her eyes were wandering everywhere except you. I was drunk as hell and it happened!An electric wave shot down my spine as the man, much stronger than I hoisted me up against the wall, my legs clung to his waist and gasping at the feeling of his body pressed to mine.

This was wrong, so wrong, but our mingling breaths, a panting chorus of need that grew with every feverish kiss told me I need this. I needed him. His tongue begged, no, took entry into my already open mouth and claimed it, sliding wet and slick over mine enticing a moan from me. He answered my call with a squeeze to my buttocks that made my body arch against him. What if we got caught? We shouldn't do this, but we were losing control. All those sideways glances and unspoken words were all pouring out in this unprecedented act of betrayal, passion, lust and above all…love.

It had all began when I was sparring with Petra. I reached up to block her strike and suffered a blow to my forearm. Easily, I twisted the limb around to pull her offending arm past me, turning to push her completely to the ground where I proceeded to straddle her from behind, still holding her arm I twisted it and pinned it to her back. I leaned down and put my other arm around her neck.

Like this, she couldn't get up. She grunted, struggled, but I held fast. I released her and got up, dusting off my scraped knees and offering a hand to the sandy haired girl. Still breathing heavily, she took it and dusted herself off. Even Petra was shocked, she blinked and retreated to the rest of our squad to watch. Often, I would spar with our little group in front of the cadets. It was as much for sport as it was for their education, not to mention a great work out.

But Levi was…well, he didn't lower himself to such things. He was humanity's strongest after all, he didn't need to practice on mere humans, much less me. I was nervous, but I turned that into adrenaline and readied my fighting stance. Levi rolled up his sleeves and raised his fists. I watched him for his first move, he watched me with those even, expressionless eyes.

It was one hell of a poker face.

angry levi x shy reader

I couldn't even tell when he was about to strike until his fist was gracefully colliding with the left side of my jaw. I immediately saw stars and stumbled back, raising my arms in a block.

It was a distracting move as I regained enough sense to simultaneously turn with a roundhouse kick, which he dodged.Originally posted by ackersoul. This is such a cute idea omh! Thank you so much for requesting this, and I hope you enjoy it :D. Originally posted by kogamiryoken. Inosuke was beating the crap out of Zenitsu, and Tanjiro had courageously stepped in to save the day. Originally posted by waifubuki.

Originally posted by likeadragon. The pillars gathered in the community room, warm chatter filling the air. It was a rest day for them, and on these precious rest days they loved gathering together and sharing baked goods- thanks to Mitsuri.

She felt the heat rise to her soft face as she saw him, his back to her as he gathered a plate of pancakes. She took a deep breath and walked over to him, her haori covered in the most beautifully stitched flowers flowing behind her. Her small hand plucked up a plate, and she stood shoulder to shoulder with him.

The two had grown close over the past few years, after all they both related to each others losses and found comfort in spending time together.

He looks down at her with a soft gaze and gave her a nod. Taking as many as she thought she could eat, she shuffles along the line still next to Giyu. She looked at the toppings in front of her, all freshly bottled by the other pillars in their free time.

She grabbed the clear, glass bottle of honey and beckoned to him. Realizing what he said, he snaps his head up and meets her flushed face. She giggles and places the jar in his hand. Oh, the game was on now. He acted quickly, and grabbed the tub of finely ground sugar. She quirked an eyebrow and held her hand out. He chuckles to himself, and holds it above his head.

I hope you like your matchup :D. You two would be the sweetest together! Thank you very much for your matchup request! I hope it was okay for your first matchup, and make sure you stay happy and healthy!

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Posts matchups and requests! Fandoms I write for! Rules and Info! Originally posted by ackersoul Levi X shy! Anonymous asked: Hi! Can we have a headcanons of reader part of kamaboko squad and falling for Tanjiro?

Thank you for reading. Reader Warnings : none! Dating Jean Kirstein would include: - hand holding!! Dating Inosuke would include: -awkward kisses. Anonymous asked: Ah I hope you like your matchup :D I match you with: Shinobu! Originally posted by waifubuki You two would be the sweetest together!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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Levi x reader ( Levi's jealousy)

Pleasing Dad Daddy Levi x Little Reader: Prt 4. Daddy Caught Late Night Texts Levi x Reader: Still Human Levi x Reader: Home I do not own any of the Attack on Titan characters, art, music or clothing designs that may be shown throughout this book. I was so wrong, clutching his phone in my hand I flash him a hurt glare. He was too good to be true. He didn't look guilty, he just looked angry. I can't help it.

You can't-" I stop due to the cracking in my voice, I was ready to burst into tears. Looking down at his phone, I sniffle as I turn on his phone and read:. I hoped that hearing these would trigger something in him. Wiping the tears I was about to start again when I heard footsteps.

I saw his hand charge for his phone as I quickly swipe it away. Looking up all I could see was a blurry image of his unphased expression.Just what happened with this man? You lift him body, which is surprisingly light, and let one of his arm go around your neck.

And with that, you could feel his hot, heavy breathing, which makes you blush. You sneak through the crowded dining hall, and begin your journey to his office. But still, you remain silent as you reach the stair, and begin to climb it up. Your steps echoed in the large corridor, and the only thing in your mind right now is the corporal. Damn him to be so sexy. You open the door with your hand, and close it with your foot.

Then you quicken your pace towards his bed, and finally, gently set him down on the smooth surface.

angry levi x shy reader

You take off his cloak and his jacket, then fold it neatly and place it on his desk. So you let him be. You raise your hand and gently stroke his black hair, and giggle to yourself. Levi is awake, and he caught your wrist. His steel blue eyes glared at you coldly, and you panicked. Instead of responding, Levi sits up, and strongly pulls you to his bed. You nod, but you remain still. He had your hands pinned at your side.

Your sentence was cut by his soft lips crashing against yours. You wiggle between the kisses, trying to break it. But he is stronger, and he keeps kissing you roughly, but passionately.

Until he successfully earn a moan from you. With face completely red because of the kiss, you avoid his gaze and try to escape his strong grip.Hi everyone! Thank you for viewing my story.

angry levi x shy reader

This is my first ever Fanfiction I have written, so please tell me what I can do to improve and if there are any kind of mistakes. This is hard to explain, I have my own world inside my head, and, inside my world, are lots of other little ones. I'm constantly, the protagonist or the story teller of what's going on, I guess its like maladaptive daydreaming. Anyway I hope you like the first chapter and I'll be updating soon! Thank you!

hellz yeah.

By the way, if you could tell me how to put an MA rating on a story, please tell me, thanks. This is it, the day has arrived where you will finally get to become a member of the Survey Corps. You have been waiting for this day since what it feels like forever.

Three years ago, you were just a rookie in Keith Shadis' training regiment. Now, you are number one out of the top ten cadet graduates. Everyone was in awe about your skills, you were very fast to adapt to the 3DMG, and you could easily fly through the air gracefully, you could accurately slash titans napes within a matter of seconds.

You had speed, efficiency and determination. As you take your first step into the Survey Corps HQ building, you start to tremble, and gasped with excitement. This is it! As you were standing at the doorway, frozen by awe, a tall, well built man; with blonde undercut hair and piercing blue eyes, had noticed you. He was making his way towards you. And why are you here by yourself?

I was sent here by Keith Shadis! Yesterday was our graduation, and I am one of the top ten graduates. I believe there was a meeting arranged today, for me to become a soldier of the Survey Corps!

I see. He seemed quite tired.

Gladion x shy reader lemon

It seemed Jean and Eren were always arguing about something, Sasha and Connie were a pair of goof-balls, Mikasa was quite unsettling, and Armin was nervous and intelligent. Even though you have only been here for a few hours, you already felt comfortable in your new environment. Everyone seemed to get along with you just fine, as you did yourself.

The Mess Hall will definitely be a place for lots of new memories, probably your most favourite place yet. Sasha was teasing Connie, pretending to about to eat his potato.

Draco malfoy x reader (Angst)

He was waving his arms around trying to get it back, and Sasha kept moving away from him. As the two of them sat up, a man bursted into the room, slamming the door open. Shitty brats! What's all this ruckus in here!? Everyone just sat nervously in silence. If there's one thing they're all certain of, its never to get on the bad side of Captain Levi Ackerman; humanity's strongest soldier, and scariest soldier when he was angry.

Mikasa quickly replied ,"Unfortunately Sasha farted Sir! It was rather a ripper!It was one of those days. You were used to cleaning and scrubbing the windows, shelves and floors but it was the fact that you were practically the only one doing it. Well, that was half true. All of your friends were ordered to clean as well, but you were the only one actually doing any of the work. You were stood by one of the windows in your cleaning uniform concentrating on the work you were asked to do.

Your friends, however, were just stood chatting to each other. The sound of angry, raised voices came from a pair of boys: Eren and Jean, nothing new. Another sound distracted you from them, it was Sasha and Connie making karate noises again.

They moved their limbs around slowly, occasionally swinging at the other. The feather dusters they had were used instead of real fighting equipment. They were your friends and you appreciated that they were having fun but you would rather they helped out a little. The only person that seemed to be doing work was Armin, though he had to stop once Jean and Eren started arguing.

Everyone except Sasha and Connie turned their attention to you. But I want to finish dealing with this joker first. You got to stop fighting. This was the point at which Mikasa began to separate the two of them. Everyone ran to the nearest area and attempted to make it look like they had been cleaning all this time. You had kept yourself by the window you had been cleaning before. The door swung open, each one of you expected it to be Levi on the other side of the door so you braced yourselves for the worst… But instead of Levi entering, squad leader Mike strolled passed all of you.

Once he was gone you could see and feel the tension in the room drop completely. Suddenly, the door swung open again, this time it was Levi. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. He began to examine the room; looking for any speck of dust he could find to make you all have a punishment. You kept your head down as he walked passed you, feeling his eyes bury into your body.