M14 drum mag canada

Quick links. M14 drum General discussions regarding topics that aren't covered in one of the other sub-forums. It advertised a new 50 rd drum for G3 and modifications for use of other.

However it's still in the testing phase. I hate when they advertise something that is nowhere near ready. Happy shooting! Macgyver used bamboo, mud and swamp gas to make bombs. When I tried it, I made a mess. It's just the way it is. This goes all the way back to the Thompson gun drums.

Drums are also heavy and throw off the balance of the weapon. P HK33K - Gone, but not forgetten. When the fuck did this happen? Why aren't we tooling around in a 67 Boat Tail Riviera and solving crimes much to the may of the local police captain who hates us but has to admit we're a hell of a detective team?

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms - Should be a convenience store, not a Governmental entity "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. He can call lots more guys with lots more guns and artillery and air support. The open bolt GPMG and the rifle don't fill the same role, don't try to compare the two directly.

I would like to have a few. That and cyclic which is around to if you have an adjustable gas regulator. No way would I ever use that.By the end ofa package of gun legislation designed to respond to the massacre, backed by then-Justice Minister Kim Campbell, made it into law.

One key part of the new law restricted the number of rounds rifle and pistol magazines were allowed to hold. Most semi-automatic rifles were limited to five rounds; handguns were limited to Stricter limits for handguns were discussed and rejected at the time, Dixon said. The thinking, he explains, was that rifles are more reliably lethal from a longer range, and many of the handguns already in Canada at the time were designed for round magazines.

The limits seemed settled for years.

Review - XS Products X-14 drum magazine

It was a federal government talking point after the mass shooting in NewtownCt. Eventually the RCMP was asked whether it would be legal to put more than five rounds of rifle-type ammunition in a magazine designed for a handgun, and fire it from a rifle.

Handguns like this do exist. The image below shows an LAR pistol, which is really a kind of miniature rifle. In March ofthe RCMP issued a special bulletin clarifying this rule: When it comes to magazine capacity, it said, the Criminal Code is concerned with the kind of firearm the magazine was designed for, not what firearm it might be used in.

But using a functionally identical round magazine not stamped for pistol use could lead to a criminal charge of possession of a prohibited device, and up to 10 years in prison. As far as we could find, nobody in Canada can actually sell you an LAR pistol. The guns are very rare in this country — we found 75 of them in our copy of the firearms registry out of eight million guns registered in Canada as of last spring.

The U. Beowulf magazines are designed to hold five rounds of bullets that are more than twice the size of a normal rifle bullet. This brings us to two questions: How many rounds of much smaller rifle cartridges could you fit in this magazine?

And if you fired them out of a different rifle, would that be legal? Now you have 15 rounds of rifle ammunition in a rifle magazine — three times the capacity Parliament had in mind 20 years ago. As for the second question, a spokesperson for the federal Justice Department confirmed to Global News that using a Beowulf magazine as a higher-capacity magazine for a lighter-calibre semi-automatic rifle is legal.

And putting that many bullets in a rifle magazine at all would be illegal in six US states, as well as Washington, DC. Gun control advocates want the five-round limit to be reasserted. Get it wrong, and that could mean prison time. Why are they sitting on their hands? Gun rights advocates say this just proves that having magazine limits is pointless in the first place. In theory, he said, if a Beowulf pistol were made — with room for 10 rounds of oversized. Meantime, he added, the situation as it stands creates a legalistic trap for law-abiding gun-owners.

Think about the person who buys this at a gun show, because at the time it was perfectly legal, and next thing you know is the subject of a criminal charge and is facing a maximum of ten years in jail.Stay Connected:.

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m14 drum mag canada

Contact Us Quick View. Barrel Components. Bolt and Recoil Assembly. Buttstock and Hardware. Grips and Hardware.

m14 drum mag canada

Handguards and Hardware. Fire Control Group. Flash Hider and Muzzle.The Mini 14 stands among the most loved and widely used rifles in America. It is obviously the most popular. The market is flooded with options for upgrading the standard Mini 14 magazines, which leaves people confused about it.

A magazine is responsible for feeding the bullets into your action.

m14 drum mag canada

Not a good sight anytime. Before choosing an aftermarket magazine, you must ensure that it is reliable and feeds well. Another important aspect to consider is the size. There are 5, 10, 20 and 30 round magazines for the Mini Think carefully about what size you really need. Sometimes it can just be a preference of how much it bothers you to switch clips. Mini 14 Mags. The weight and the material of the magazine also matter. That in turn might affect accuracy.

It is also not a good option if you have to walk a good distance with your rifle. Most of the magazines today are manufactured with polymer or metal. The polymer lightens these mags and eliminates the problem of rusting.

However, the metal mags are still more durable and long lasting. There are magazines where you can check out the number of rounds left without detaching them. This will be a bonus feature. Purchasing a spare magazine is an optional investment, and thus, is easily glossed over by many would-be buyers. However, there are some distinct advantages to having spare magazines, including:.

Whether the improvements are minor quality-of-life improvements or to ensure proper function of your gun when you need it most, having a spare magazine is one of the easiest and most affordable things you can do to increase performance. You still have iron sights. What happens if something goes wrong with your magazine?Every X Products 50 Round High Capacity Magazine feeds ammunition in a spiral using circular tracks that are CNC milled out of the front and rear of the magazine, ensuring your ammunition will never skip or jam.

The X is capable of up to rounds per minute when attached to a full auto rifle. Almost all jamming or firing issues exist because of operator error.

Watch our instructional videos for proper loading techniques. Uncompromised quality, performance and the durability to last a lifetime. Engineered using our proven coil magazine technology, which allows side by side staging of ammo in a single stack. The streamlined design allows for no separation of ammunition during function, preventing malfunctions and lending to its compact design.

Our patent pending tension relief device allows the X to operate nearly unlimited spring loads, allowing it to function in weapons with capabilities rounds per minute.

The profile is shorter than a standard 30 round. Magazine easily loads and unloads by operating the front operating wheel. The magazine includes a lifetime warranty and instruction manual. Rest assured in the knowledge that a High Capacity Magazine from X Products will keep debris out while maintaining flawless function. This is the Archangel stock which requires slight modification to the extended corner by the mag release.

Call for questions on fit. Took advantage of the sale and bought 2 of these on black Friday. Is time consuming to load and expensive even with the sale but is perfect for a base of fire role when those extra round are needed. Only cons are the added weight to an already heavy rifle, the time it takes to load and of course the price. You save.

Norinco's M14: M305 or Dominion Arms SOCOM 18

Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. X Products. Great for when extra rounds are needed without reload Took advantage of the sale and bought 2 of these on black Friday. Choose Options. Quick view Add to My Wish List. X 50 Round. Add to Cart Buy Now. All Ammo and Blanks.

All High Capacity Magazines. X Products View all brands. Home Categories Account Contact sales xproducts. Account Sign In Email Address:.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: M14 Drum Mags?

The Best Magazines for the Mini 14 Rifle

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. M14 Drum Mags? Looking at a couple of drums for the M Yes, I know they are pricey, but you only live once. Has anyone used these, or been around when they have been used and what did you think of them? Even if you don't know much about them, I would still be curious which one you would pick? Thanks for any help! Attached Images m1m Occam's razor, the simplest explanation will be the most plausible. Where was that in ? That might have been useful with an M14E2.

We thought about it for a long time, "Endeavor to persevere. I've thought about these long and hard. Main reason I don't have one I'm cheap.

These are more of a novelty item IMHO. If I had the money to buy one, I would buy both. But if I had the money, I would probably buy something else I may enjoy more Imagine doing ready-up reflexive firing drills with it. Then again, Might as well get them while they're still legal.

Maybe if I had a select fire M Crap, now you've got me thinking on how much I want each one just to have I know the 50rd drums go on sale every now and then, but have no idea how easy or hard it is to get the Beta. Have yet to hear anything negative about them cycling. Between the 2, I would get the Beta since its twice the capacity for a little more.

You probably won't be carrying it too far, so might as well go all out. It's not really that high on my priority list. Last edited by Heyjowee; at PM. I like the look of the more traditional 50rd drum. Got to be lighter and easier to shoot standing, too.

Last edited by Ghoulardi; at PM.Total Awards : 1 Total Points : I returned from the desert a short while ago after testing the XS Products X fifty round drum magazine with company owner, James Malarkey. In the interest of full disclosure, Jim let me keep the X magazine when we finished without paying for it. The X is the latest model in a line of rifle drum magazines produced by XS Products. Jim and I both contributed to the ammunition expenditure. I provided two rifles for testing, one vintage SA, Inc.

Jim changed his travel plans this weekend and came up to Las Vegas so he could shoot some video of the X magazine in action.

It's been out less than a month and he was looking for some consumer feedback. Jim called up a local gun shop in Las Vegas where he expected they had an X magazine in stock. The shop did have one on the shelf so Jim arranged with the shop to pick it up so we could test it. The only quibble I have is that the X does not hold the bolt open after the last round but that is by design.

It is my understanding that the other drum magazines made by XS Products function likewise. Other than that, this thing is better than sliced bread. We ran rounds in automatic fire through the select fire M1A and fifty rounds through the semi-automatic only M1A.

Not one hiccup and not one blink of an eye. It performed flawlessly. Jim says they have tested the X with as much as 8, rounds on a single unit.

Each drum magazine is sold with a lifetime warranty.

The X is a stout piece of kit. It's made of a couple steel components but it is but mostly alloy aluminum. With a full charge, it's 4. However, it is very compact as compared to the Beta Company round magazine. When installed, you do not have to raise the height of the M2 bipod legs when prone, sweet! The X magazine prototypes were made in Oregon but production models are made in Washington. Jim shot some real time and slow motion video of us shooting both rifles with the X magazine.

He hopes to get the videos to me in the next day or two.

m14 drum mag canada

When he sends them to me, I'll post them on my YouTube channel. We previewed the videos and they look pretty good, including the full fifty round magazine dump. Do you need this? No Is it for everyone?