Monogram model airplanes

Go directly to one of Revell's web sites and order the part. They will charge for shipping, but the replacment part is free. Parts can be ordered on site. Email Support. Tecs, if the part is repairable Try this it does work. Revell consumer service reps are always really buisy. Besides A. Revell of Germany parts are hard to get becuase of Germany, they never ship them out in time. Our community is FREE to join. To participate you must either login or register for an account.

Login or Register. COM Enter keywords or a search phrase below: Search. Order Ascending Order Descending. Member since February From: Bedford, England. I was wondering if anyone has tried to get broken parts replaced from these guys in the UK?

Old Plastic Model Kits

I have an EA-6B Prowler with broken clear canopy parts and have emailed them twice with no reply. Any ideas how I could get this sorted as I am itching to get started on this kit but it seems pointless without having all the parts. Air Master Modeler. Member since June From: Westerville, Ohio. Rand 30 years experience building plastic models. I have emailed Revell support europe twice with no reply, and the US site does not offer regestration outside of the US. If someone over there could order these parts for me I would gladly pay for both sets of postage and donate some monies to thier fav charity via paypal.

Any help is, as usual, most appreciated. Try calling them on the phone.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site. Thanks for your support. These wood airplane models range from moderate skills to very complicated. But many of the are also very large, with wingspans pushing past 50 inches.

monogram model airplanes

So you will need a lot of room to display them once they're built. Some can be converted over for RC use, but we list them as static models for display.

Given there size, they can be very impressive when finished and detailed.

Revell-Monogram Aircraft Models

Balsa wood aircraft models. Some have a few moving parts, some use tissue or wood coverings. Either way, they can be fun to build and display, especially the larger ones.

Piper Super Cub 95 24 inch wingspan. Javelin 24 inch wingspan. Piper Cherokee 20 inch wingspan. Cessna Bird Dog 18 inch wingspan. F15 Eagle 12 inch wingspan. F14 Tomcat 19 inch wingspan extended.

Grumman TBF Avenger 16 inch wingspan. Cessna 20 inch wingspan. Cessna 24 inch wingspan. Fairchild 24 25 inch wingspan. North American P51D Mustang 24 inch wingspan. DHC2 Beaver 24 inch wingspan. PC6 Porter 26 inch wingspan. Spirit of Saint Louis 34 inch wingspan.Monogram is an American manufacturer of scale plastic models of aircraft, spacecraft, ships, cars, and military vehicles since the early s.

After thirteen years as a fully owned subsidiary of Hallmark Cards ' Binney and Smith unit, Hobbico announced it was acquiring Revell-Monogram in Funding Universe webpage. Monogram was founded in Chicago inmaking balsa wood model kits of ships and airplanes. Meanwhile, a company called Revell started making plastic kits inand Monogram responded with "All Plastic" "Plastikits" the first of which were a red plastic midget racer and a "Hot Rod" Model A - and the modeling race was on Funding Universe webpage.

Revell-Monogram Aircraft

These two cars, and later an Indianapolis-style racer and hydroplane racing boat, were also offered with C02 "Jet Power". Early kits advertised that the models were made from "acetate parts molded to shape". The wording showed the newness of the plastics industry and how plastics were not yet being taken for granted. Early airplane models were mainly balsa wood, but more plastic parts were added over the next couple of years.

By the airplane lineup consisted of the 'Speedee Built' series which flew under rubber band power. A few of these planes were all-plastic. Also seen were the Superkits with a prefabricated balsa fuselage, but more plastic parts. Auto kit makers AMT and Jo-Han started early but focused on manufacturers' promotional models and did not enter the kit fray until the late s.

As the s progressed, Monogram increasingly included more automobile models and custom wheeled creations in competition with the other makers. Through the s, competition required increased production of a variety of fantastical vehicles. By the late s, the company moved steadily into the car scene, especially with its hot rods and race cars. InMonogram issued its Ford Deuce 5 window coupe. One kit, however, showed the company's prowess and intent - the "Big T" kit PC The manual also shows how sophisticated the company's catering was toward hot rod culture - long before Hot Wheels or the Detroit muscle car craze.

As the s progressed, Monogram and Revell squared off as rivals in the scale model market. While companies like AMT and MPC focused almost exclusively on cars, Monogram and Revell were more diversified, offering aircraft, naval craft and other military vehicles. Monogram aircraft kits were known for imaginative "operating features", such as a spring-loaded ejection seats on their F Thunderchief model operated by a tiny plastic tab on the side of the planeand a tactical nuclear bomb which could be dropped from the RBA model - which also featured a moving tailgun turret.

In the s, Monogram wanted to portray a different perspective of its kits and add some spark to sales. For example, Monogram introduced a Corvette kit in scale - when assembled it was over 23 inches long Model Carspp.

Examples of vintage auto offerings were a s Rolls-Royce Cabriolet with rumble seat, a s Packard Phaeton, and a Lincoln Continental. During the s, the company also hired modeler Sheperd Paine to construct and paint aircraft models and dioramas, which were used for photographs on boxes and instruction booklets DeRogatis Some metal kits, like a Corvette, also appeared Model Carspp.

While Revell carried many foreign cars and AMT and MPC handled the promo markets and so moved forward with mostly American car brandsMonogram's emphasis was on aircraft and military vehicles. In the s, however, Monogram started to focus more on hot rods and customs and, inwas the first company to hire a well-known automobile stylist, when Darryl Starbird was brought on board Gosson,p.

Model Airplane Hobby Room

InMonogram then hired stylist Tom Daniel who designed more than 80 fantastical vehicles, not always based on real cars Gossonp. When the company was bought by Mattel incustom vehicles designed by Daniel and others were seen in both small and large sizes in Hot Wheels diecast - and then in Monogram kit form.

By aroundmany of these models were molded in bright reds and oranges and did not require painting. Monogram offered a variety of more official race cars as well, again often leaving foreign vehicles to Revell which had established a Germany subsidiary. Of course, both were offered by Mattel as Hot Wheels. In Mattel divested itself of many companies not associated with its traditional toy industries Funding Universe website.

In the early s, Revell-Monogram embarked on an experiment that tried to match historic modeling logos with a CD-Rom racing car game. One difference from the normal Herpa models was a metal chassis. This relationship lasted for thirteen years.Whether you are looking for an old model kit from the 60s or 70s, a more recent hard-to-find kit that always seems to elude you, the perfect decal sheet to finish your latest build, or an aftermarket set to turn that kit you're working on into a masterpiece, then you've come to the right place!

We strive for personalized customer service, careful packaging of your treasures and all at "sane" pricing you won't find at most other dealers! So click a few links and go exploring!

monogram model airplanes

We hope that you'll find something you just can't live without! Rare-Plane Detective guarantees every purchase a customer makes from us After all, we want happy, satisfied customers! We instituted the following Satisfaction Guarantee inand we're proud to continue it today Our policy is to offer only kits that appear to have nothing wrong with them.

Any known defect missing decals or instructions, poor box condition, etc. Also remember that some of the boxes may have a certain amount of shelf wear or damage, but, unless noted, the kit is not affected. If, after ordering, a kit has a problem that we have not noted, please contact us and you will have the option of:. Thank you for stopping in! Jeff Garrity, Rare-Plane Detective. Shop With Us! Join our Mailing List! For Email Newsletters you can trust.Still factory sealed.

Model has many action features: Wings fold properly as on the real aircraft, landing gear retracts, bomb bay doors open and torpedo drops, machine gun rotates and elevates, and the prop and wheels turn. Includes four airmen. The kit has never been started. The parts are still in the internal factory sealed bags and includes decals and instructions. Number four in a series of Gift Sets that contains two aircraft. Both are reissues from the original s Four Star molds and include all action features and the Hurricane's optional parts.

The kits have never been started. The parts that were factory sealed are still in the sealed bags. The black and clear parts were never factory sealed have been inventoried complete including decals and instructions. The P features full wheel well and cockpit detail, rotating wheels and prop, detailed engine front and a nice external load of bombs, rocket launchers and centerline drop tank.

The Do builds one or two seater version - day or night fighter with radar. Has removable panels to show twin DB engine detail. Features full cockpits with optional position canopies and two position undercarriage and rotating propellers. Never started. Features very good dual cockpits, optional position leading edge slats, detailed gear wells, external load out missiles, bombs and drop tanks, optional position air brakes and canopy and pilot boarding ladder. Dated Very highly detailed and well molded kit.

Builds any of four versions including 2-Seat Night Fighter, day fighter, 'Droop Snoot' with bomber nose and F5 photo recon version. Sale Pending Email for availability. Very nicely detailed and well molded with traditional Monogram quality. Includes photoetched details and superb Pro Modeler instructions. Well engineered older kit with excellent detail for that time.

Features parts to builds one or two seater version day or night fighter with radarremovable panels to show twin DB engine detail, full cockpits with optional position canopies, 'up' or 'down' position undercarriage and rotating propellers.

Features full cockpit and wheel well and detail, optional position canopy, pilot figure, drop tank, rockets and bombs and has markings for olive drab "Little Chief" and silver "Pengie III", both from the 56th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force.

This is one of a very popular series of World War II aircraft that Monogram originally released in the s. Features wings that fold properly as on actual aircraft, retractable landing gear including tail wheel and arresting hook, pilot figure, bombs, drop tanks and rockets and more. Molded in dark blue, black and clear plastic. Dated and from the original Four Star molds which were high quality and well detailed.

Includes Marines markings, full cockpit and cabin detail, complete engine, spinning main and tail rotors, optional position cabin doors and 40mm grenade launcher, rocket pods and twin machine guns. Contains 18 Figures with marching soldier, bazooka team, prone rifleman, tommy gunner, standing rifleman, mortar team, walkie talkie soldier, machine gun team, mine detector, sitting soldier, officer, grenade thrower, messenger, rifleman with bayonet and flame thrower.

Inventoried complete with all parts and instructions present.Still factory sealed. The Golden Age of Aviation issue of this famous racing champion. Very rare kit from First and only issue. This is the largest injection molded kit ever made of the very fast Convair airliner.

The box has as-new color and sheen with four solid corners and no repairs. The only flaw is light edge wear. The model is molded in the correct white and clear plastic, with the large clear triangle display stand and full color United decals.

The kit has never been started. Decals and instructions are both flat with slight yellowing being the only flaw. NOTE: shipping insurance is required with this kit. The Convair and its near sister were very high performance airliners. Unfortunately they did not find favor with commercial operators.

The commercial failure of the caused Aurora to pull these molds from production shortly after the introduction of the kit. The was a larger and faster Mach. As a result, only 37 were made. Interestingly enough, several s continued to be operated by private owners and NASA operated two for decades after the last one was phased out of commercial service. Only 65 s were produced from to The aircraft was designed to be smaller and faster than the DC-8 and - this market did not develop, however, and if it did it could have been served with less expensive designs.

The first issue of this classic kit, from in the 'S' box. The box has like-new color and gloss. All four corners are solid and original, there is no fading, creases or price tags. The only tape is the factory sealing tape on the long sides and bottom. Light general wear more pronounced on the edges and a tiny 5mm x 2mm tear on the left short side constitute the flaws.

The kit features optional position folded wings, pilot, rotating wheels and two piece canopy. Molded in the correct light gloss gray and clear with the famous 'Swivel Base Display Stand.

It has been inventoried complete with all parts and includes excellent decals and instructions.

The box is in remarkable 'near mint' condition. Inside, the kit is like new. It is molded in gloss silver, white and clear and includes 'excellent' condition decals and instructions.This is one of my favourite amongst my models.

monogram model airplanes

This model along with my Monogram A marked the period when my scale modelling techniques improved to a point where I felt I was able to compete with the best at the IPMS shows. Whether this is true or not that is the question. This is also my first model to be published in the TMMI model magazine. The movies of the period also made these planes and their pilots flamboyant and fun. The movie was first released to the world in the USA during August This was just a few months before the Attack on Pearl Harbor on 7th December Link to movie Dive Bomber.

To build a Devastator in scale, the only choice a modeller has is the Monogram kit. The scale Monogram Devastator Kit was first produced and released around Indeed it was as it was chocked full of details.

However, if one is willing to tackle the challenge, it is a diamond in the rough. I was able to find an original release from Uncle Bills Hobby Shop in town.

This kit forms the basis for this article. The kit is moulded in a light grey styrene and flash free. Panel lines are the raised type with raised rivet details. The kit is exacting in details such as the wing root detail and the corrugated wing.

The cockpit interior is provided with the basic details, and if no additional details are added, it basically captures the look of a Devastator cockpit. It is an outstanding model from the 70s. The tools I use for scribing is simply a round body sewing needle held in a pin vice and Dymo tape as the guide for the lines.

I first draw out the centre lines of each roll of rivets. Then I roll the pinwheel along these lines. Any indentations that are not deep enough, I enhanced them with a 80 drill bit. The CO2 and fire extinguisher bottles were made from the leftover model tree stubs that resemble the bottles.

The perforated floor plates under the pilot were added using styrene sheets and holes were drilled out. The bombardier compartment under the cockpit floor is hard to see.