Prestolite distributor bushings

Login or Sign Up. Get more Tips, Specs and Technical Data! Did you know Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Electrical: prestolite distributorPM. Does any one know the pertronix kit for my 63 Champ V8? The dist. Thanks Roy Fraley. Tags: None. Pertronix at this point in time does not make a kit for the IBP single point distributor.

There is a kit for the IBS dual point distributor which is used in the R series engines. Comment Post Cancel. Ok Bud. That answers my question. Thank you so much. Now I can get on with figuring out my engine miss at rpm. Now I'm thinking it's bad grounding in the distributor. I'm going to add a ground wire and see if this will work. Seems I've tried about everything else. Thanks Roy in northern NM. Prestolite single point Dist.Display Options. Already know the part number you need?

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View By Product Groups.Although the pictures are for a Slant Six the Flathead Six with Chrysler distributor not Prestolite use a bushing with the same dimensions as the Slant Six. Replacing Worn Distributor Bushings occurs when there is a whole lot of shaking going on. If your distributor is 40 to 80 years old and never had bushings replaced or has seen limited lubrication during maintenance of the engine then you might want to investigate if it is contributing to hard starts, rough idle, or lack of power.

The center shaft of the distributor can wobble due to worn bushings effecting both electronic ignition and points type ignition performance. If you have never looked into a distributor here is what your shop manual may show in an exploded view:.

Distributor Shaft Bushings

There is a quick inspection that can be made to see if the side to side play of the Distributor Shaft is exceeding factory allowed tolerances. A feeler gauge is used to measure how the gap is changing when you press sideways on the Distributor shaft. If the change in gap exceeds. The above example is with points ignition; electronic ignition is similar but measuring changes in reluctor gaps.

Consider the bushings good if the gap is not changing more than. Be careful not to rotate the shaft which will invalidate the results. Your shop manual should have enough information to disassemble your distributor but limited detailed info on replacing bushings which will be covered next. Before removing the top bushing measure the location of the bushing. The dimension helps determine the position of the bottom pinned gear or collar and we will modify it slightly to do a clean install of the gear in the right position to achieve a factory clearance dimension.

More review on this after the new bushings are partially installed. Once done remove the tap from both bushings. The extracted bushing will be threaded up the bolt and must be removed from the bottom of the bolt:.

The bottom bushing is pulled from the bottom in a similar fashion to the top bushing. The bushings are pressed in using a spare distributor shaft. As previously noted the top bushing is not pressed all the way down in the distributor.

The following illustration helps to identify the top bushing height adjustment and the impact on the gap between the gear and spacer:. The gear has a starter hole that is intended to help in the installation of the gear. Since the location of the top bushing will be freshly new there is an opportunity to place the top bushing in the right location to allow the gear hole to align with the distributor shaft existing hole with the correct clearance or gap of.

In practice the bushing is installed slightly high and then the distributor shaft is installed temporarily to allow for a test fit of the gear. Then if the spacer to gear gap is not enough the shaft is removed and the bushing driven slightly deeper. The shaft is re-inserted and the gap checked again. Repeat this sequence of lowering the top bushing until the proper gap is achieved.

Before installing the gear permanently, hone the bushings using the distributor shaft. Rotate at high speed for a few minutes to align the bushings and wear off the high spots as shown:. Re-assemble the balance of the distributor using the shop manual instructions. This is your opportunity to replace governor weight springs, lube pivot points, replace vacuum diaphragm, etc.

Your email address will not be published. Primary Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Content of the above files is as follows: Replacing Worn Distributor Bushings Replacing Worn Distributor Bushings occurs when there is a whole lot of shaking going on. To pull out Mopar Slant Six or Flathead Six Distributor Bushings: Tools to measure shaft wobble, clearances, bushing size, and depth of bushing: Tool to press in bushing: Before removing the top bushing measure the location of the bushing.

The extracted bushing will be threaded up the bolt and must be removed from the bottom of the bolt: The bottom bushing is pulled from the bottom in a similar fashion to the top bushing.When performing maintenance, it is critical that you know and understand what part you are working with.

The distributor on your F is no different. Whether you are buying parts for a tune up, an electronic ignition upgrade or perhaps a whole new distributor, it is critical that you buy the correct parts. Luckily, most distributors have a metal tag riveted or screwed to the casing that tells you what type it is. However, sometimes that metal tag is gone after fifty plus years of faithful service.

If this is the case, fear not, there are other ways of identifying your distributor model. Eddie was looking for a way to tell what type of distributor he had. What would most likely be in a '62 3B? From what I've learned over the past couple of days, some of the more obvious differences are as follows: IAY- The clips for the distributor cap are screwed in, not riveted, and are quite short.

Your screwdriver would be perpendicular to the distributor to remove them; these screws go through the casting and thread into tabs sticking up from the metal plate that holds the points. This can be seen easily when you remove the cap; the rotor is quite small IAD- The clips for the distributor cap are riveted in closer to the bottom of the distributor casting and are quite long.

The metal plate holding the points has two screws holding it straight down to tabs mounted to the inside of the casting. Your screwdriver would be vertical in this case; the rotor is quite large. All IAD models were originally 6 volt systems yet these can be used as 12 volt systems by using a proper condenser. For quick Identification; the IAD models have a dust shield below the cap. The cap spring clamps and the oval shaped aluminum identification tag are both riveted to the housing.

The 12 volt systems became abundant in Most but not all post systems will be 12 volt. The aluminum IAY identification tag is the shape of a house and it is screwed on under one of the cap spring clamps.

Another Prestolite Dual Point Distributor Rebuild Question

The IAT models are generally vacuum advance distributors that are used with wagons or pickups. IAY - Same as above. IAYA - Left hand rotation, 4-cylinder, centrifugal advance IAYB - Same as above.

prestolite distributor bushings

IATA - Left hand rotation, 4-cylinder, vacuum advance of 6 degrees. IAT - Same as above. They had an extra cover that went over the points, but under the cap. The IAD was an L distributor. There are over flavors of IAD series distributors. Chuck brought up the point that: "I have seen various distributors listed in Chilton's and the other manuals, but do they have individual manuals that pertain specifically to singular models?

Autolite Electrical Equipment Specification Book. Autolite Service Parts Catalog. If you wanted at least one nice bench top service guide, I'd opt for the military manual. The early L-head was chain driven while the F-head is gear driven and they have different rotations. One can easily use the distributor from the Go Devil in a four cylinder Hurricane. The ignition coil is only to be changed for voltage.

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prestolite distributor bushings

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime.Additional info. Find by Pricing. Below 4 Gasket, Dist. Find by Pricing Below 4 11 4 to 9. Delco rotor fits most cast iron distributors replaces and delco 's. Ford side mount distributor rotor clip. Ford front mount distributor gasket set.

Chevy Distributor from Maxx Power at Eastwood

May require reaming to fit shaft after installation. Ford distributor primary screw and insulator kit. Conductor from this part to your point set is MFDS This fits ford tractors with side mount distributors up to like 8N will not fit front mountJubilee, NAA and series. Will not work on post 3 cylinder tractors.

International Farmall distributor clip bracket. Ford side mount distributor cap clip.


International Farmall distributor advance spring set. Substitute for Prestolite distributor primary wire connector insulator and clip used on IBT series and others. Delco Remy centrifugal advance weight. Delco distributor advance spring. Replaces, We have not yet complied a list of distributor numbers these fit. International Farmall horizontal distributor cap clip. Wico XB distributor condenser. Delco Remy distributor clip and bracket.Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit. Autolite and Prestolite Distributors.

The Hot-Spark electronic ignition conversion kit replaces breaker points and condenser in the distributor to provide rock-solid reliability. With the Hot-Spark electronic ignition, dwell and timing are always spot-on accurate.

prestolite distributor bushings

No matter how strong your engine is, you won't get the most out of it without a good spark. The stock points-based ignition system used technology that dates back a century - to the Kettering system, which was introduced in the Cadillac.

Even though you can adjust breaker points for near-electronic ignition performance, they will burn and wear within a few thousand miles, long before the recommended replacement interval. With points, the timing will drift; power and fuel economy will suffer. The Hot-Spark electronic ignition conversion kit delivers a strong spark every time and is maintenance-free. You'll notice quicker starts, more top end power and a little gas mileage boost. It's as easy to install as points and condenser!

prestolite distributor bushings

Advantages of the Hot-Spark electronic ignition conversion kit:. Replaces points and condenser with solid-state electronics Set it and forget it - Never adjust points and timing again! Zero maintenance Delivers far more voltage to the spark plugs than points-based points Reliable Hall-effect technology Never gets out of adjustment Rock-steady reliability Dwell and timing are always spot-on accurate Increased gas mileage, fuel economy Quick starting Smooth idling Cleaner emissions Longer spark plug life Longer engine life Cleaner engine oil due to less unburned fuel Longer interval between oil changes Easy to install - If you can install points, you can install the Hot-Spark electronic ignition conversion No points to wear, burn, pit or corrode No condenser needed Absolutely no points float - zero - even at redline RPM and beyond!

Never worry about drifting dwell or timing again No rubbing parts - nothing to wear out! Fits completely under the distributor cap Stealth modification - maintains stock appearance Includes everything you need, no external ignition box required. Works with stock distributor and coil Encased in high-temp thermoplastic - protected from the elements and oil, grease, dirt, water, etc. Never bother with points or condenser again!

Requires a volt, negative ground electrical system. Too much voltage can damage the ignition module and other electronic components. How many miles until the Hot-Spark electronic ignition conversion kit pays for itself? Click here Measuring Coil Resistance and more : www. Industrial Engine Applications :. We'll need the number of cylinders and the brand and part number of your distributor to determine which ignition kit would fit it or whether we have an ignition kit for it at all.

Supplying just the make and model of vehicle or engine is usually not sufficient to determine which ignition kit will fit. Most distributor part numbers are either on a badge or stamped into the side of the distributor body, and are usually covered with dirt and grease. It's also helpful to know if the distributor has a clip-down or screw-down cap.

These numbers are of almost no use in determining which distributor you have or what ignition kit you need. Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits for:. International Buyers — Please Note:. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.