Smartly executive mba reviews

The degree is aimed at anyone who is driven, keen to develop their managerial acumen, and wants to deepen their knowledge of business. With a degree like this under your belt, you can go from being, say, a team leader, to someone involved in strategic thinking, leading large initiatives in your firm and becoming a key driver of business at work.

Typically seen as a career booster by professionals in finance, accounting, marketing and consulting, an EMBA is now sought by candidates looking to up their game in all sorts of domains. And why look only at the classic corporate paradigm.

Many at this stage in their careers plan to turn entrepreneurs, and an EMBA is their ticket to running their own business. But be warned. Earning an EMBA comes at great personal and financial cost. It means juggling a full-time job with a rigorous academic program and, for many, family responsibilities as well. Simply put, it means making many big sacrifices. It calls for single-minded determination and tough survival skills. Also, your self-absorption during the course — the only thing that will see you through — will invariably impact on everyone around you, at home and at work.

In Much higher than the years before. So, in real terms, what is the payoff? With an EMBA under your belt, you can hone your business, managerial and leadership skills; you are likely to skip a few rungs on the corporate ladder on the way up; you will likely get promoted more easily; you will probably be assigned more responsibilities at work, and you can more easily switch career tracks for better prospects.

Here are the numbers. Wharton and Columbia claim their EMBA programs get students a per cent jump in salary while others, such as the Ross School of Business and Stern School of Business, say their degrees result in a per cent and per cent rise in remuneration, respectively.

While some prefer to start over with a new job after a two-year break, to do a more prestigious, full-time MBA, many see a more flexible EMBA program as a way to skirting the issue of job insecurity. Second, an EMBA could be a valuable bargaining chip even before you get the degree. If your employer values your worth, he or she may up your remuneration anyway, worried you may quit for greener pastures once you get the accreditation.

A more mature way of assessing your value to the company would be to reward you for bringing more to your role due to the enhanced knowledge and perspective. Third, students in an EMBA class are drawn from diverse industries and have a wealth of experience to contribute to the program.Booth School of Business.

Score 5. Kellogg School of Management. Michigan's Ross School of Business. Wharton School. Score 4. Columbia Business School. University of London. Berkeley—Haas School of Business.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. University of Navarra. Fuqua School of Business. New York University. International Institute for Management Development. Duke University. McCombs School of Business.

Cambridge University. Oxford Executive MBA. Brigham Young University. Yale University. University of Southern California. University of Notre Dame. Chicago, IL.A map detailing the number of Quantic School of Business and Technology students in each region around the globe. E-learning is often more cost-effective, efficient and flexible, enabling learners to integrate it more easily into their busy lives. Candidates can choose from a free mobile-first MBA, an Executive MBA and a range of short courses covering topics such as analytics, management and accounting.

We caught up with the Quantic S team to find out more about how it all works — particularly in relation to student recruitment and teaching and learning. Quantic School of Business and Technology students find us through many methods. In fact, we often have several students from the same workplace enroll in the program together.

Our students hail from top undergraduate and graduate schools, drawing from diverse backgrounds spanning engineering and finance to humanities and the performing arts. Many have careers in business-oriented fields like consulting and banking, while others are entrepreneurs, lawyers, and even veterinarians. We have roboticists from Tesla and Amazon the companythe founder of a tea company that gives revenue back to indigenous farmers in the Amazon the jungleand even a student who is a former White House Fellow!

The curriculum is delivered via a proprietary teaching method that follows the principles of Active Learning as opposed to passive learning, which is often the case with lecture-based models. Students are prompted to engage with the learning material every 8 seconds on average, and are provided with frequent, interactive feedback.

This teaching method helps learning to be fast, effective, and memorable. Additionally, without the need for a required in-person component, the program is flexible and convenient for students.

Students are given multiple opportunities to utilize the knowledge and skills they learn wit h Quanticas well as interact with their classmates. Students collaborate or work individually on projects and other assignments as their schedules allow, and their work is reviewed and evaluated by the Quantic academic team.

Quantic uses the Slack platform to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and to post relevant and topical articles for students to read and interact with.

In our Slack communities, students can exchange ideas, engage in discussion on course materials and concepts, and receive notifications about course administrative topics.

Students in the Executive MBA program have the opportunity to attend optional networking weekends that are held throughout the year in cities around the world.

These weekends involve business workshops, site visits, student presentations, and more. The weekends provide a great opportunity to meet classmates from around the world in person and to tackle challenging business exercises together.

The next event is being held in Washington, DC in the fall of So far, our meet-up events have been held in over 35 countries and thousands of students and alumni have attended.

Within the Network, students can explore a global map of current students and alumni, search by industry and interests, and contact peers safely and easily. Our mission is that students can gain a world-class education, a thriving, global alumni network, and have access to top-tier job opportunities upon graduation, without compromise. How do personalised communications enhance the application experience?

Promoting diversity in MBA cohorts to prepare students for the global marketplace. Do students get any face-to-face teaching, or is it all done online? Related articles.At Quantic, we are fortunate in that our programs and required peer collaborations are entirely online, and our staff is well accustomed to working remotely.

As such, our programs will continue without interruption. We have, however, instituted changes to ensure the safety of our community and to be there to support our students and applicants, as well as the broader global community, in whatever way we can.

For the past seven years, Quantic has been a pioneer of online, mobile-first graduate education, enabling students to learn wherever they are and according to their own schedule. While this is a scary time, we remain optimistic. Being a working mom, she needed a program that would fit into her busy schedule. Here is a note on her Quantic experience, why she believes all moms can achieve their professional goals, break down stereotypes, and become rockstar role models for their children:.

Moms should feel welcome in MBA programs and not feel held back because child-bearing years and MBA programs coincide. Furthermore, moms should not be left having to choose between a family and furthering a career, through study.

The First Truly Free MBA Degree

As a single mother of a toddler, I found myself in the middle of this dilemma. I needed to be the best version of myself and put myself in a position to advance my professional career. The tricky part was how to accomplish this without feeling like I was relinquishing responsibility and missing precious time with my daughter.

As an IT program and project manager, I often thought that an MBA might provide me with a well rounded business foundation, which might be the next step to advance my career. However, everything I knew about traditional MBA courses seemed to be daunting: excessive cost, fixed on-site lectures or block periods, lengthy course durations, and sacrifices beyond my appetite. I was hooked. Everything I hoped to have in a MBA course was packaged into the Executive MBA online offering: it was not only flexible, mobile and affordable, but also pedagogically sound and ensured active student participation the first 11 years of my career were spent as a STEM teachera global network of alumni, and best of all, it could be completed in 12 months.

In the past eight months of studying, I found that the pace and schedule were manageable, while balancing my everyday life. I am very privileged to have flexible working hours and lots of support from my employer, South Thus far, it has been an enjoyable, highly interesting journey and well worth the effort. Even in this short time, I have been able to incorporate my learning into my day job and have applied some of the principles to make innovative changes.

Smartly Executive MBA program

Were there difficult times? Yes, especially during the time that we were both sick.Thanks for sharing info about Smartly. I am reading about it for the very first time. Looks good though. Thanks for the wonderful and such informative blog Also for the student who wants to know more about the same check out this blog which solves all your queries - Education Loans For Students. My sister is doing Executive MBA while still she was doing job in her current company.

Thank you so much for this article. Its great to know about this blog, Appreciate your efforts with such a valuable information provided. Hows things for you though? Good luck. MBA is not about where you got it from but it's about how you execute the tasks using your newfound skills.

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How to Choose the Best Online MBA Programs

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March 16, I have always been interested in getting an EMBA but there is a very big financial barrier between me and that piece of paper if its from an established institution like Insead.

Yes, you didnt see it wrongly. It is more than the price of 1 x 3 room BTO. I was really skeptical about it, though it advertised itself as an elite online EMBA course, with alumni from world class unis like Yale, Harvard and Cambridge and with acceptance rate of just 7 percent.

It also pride itself as a disruptor in the education industry, in the sense that it makes education affordable and everything is done online. Studying and exams can all be performed with any device that can be connected to the internet. Syllabus are all made into bite size courses instead of thick text books. A quick google search for the top 3 flaws of smartly EMBA are as below. Lack of accreditation.

Apparently it's a big thing for degree issuing institute to be accredited, if not it's just another dodgy degree mill. It must be bad. How to trust an institute that gives out EMBA based on minimal effort.A master of business administration MBA is a graduate degree that is designed to prepare students for careers in business and management.

I did the Quantic EMBA program, here’s what happened

We consulted statistics, articles, and business leaders to identify the ingredients of a great MBA program. Choosing a program can seem complicated, but it boils down to a few concepts — valid accreditation, resources for your personal needs, and reasonable costs.

smartly executive mba reviews

We spent days of research looking at college statistics including enrollment trends and published studies on the topic of online MBA programs. Educators and experts in the field were also consulted to share their experiences and improve this piece.

This ensures the school adheres to established educational standards and has enough resources to support its students and daily operations. The risk of attending a non-accredited university is steep — employers and other universities might not acknowledge your degree or credits. Regional accreditation may give a leg up on a resume, but most employers and other universities will be looking for AACSB accreditation as the mark of excellence.

Many for-profit schools offer online MBA programs. According to U. But for-profit schools have a bad reputation for misleading recruiting practices and producing student debt rather than employment. The change marked a shift in focus from the U.

But according to Dr. All MBA programs will cover the core concepts of business administration. However, some programs offer concentrations — a specialization in specific subjects such as finance or international business. Most programs offer a number of concentrations and finding a school with the right combination will prevent you from being pigeonholed into the first option you choose.

In addition, many programs allow you to have more than one concentration which can make your degree even more competitive. Choosing a program that will help to grow your personal network also improves your chances at finding a future career. Most sites will advertise their networking resources or have contact information for the department and faculty members.

Asking for a syllabus or information about group discussions or projects will give you a good idea of how often you can expect to interact with other students and professors. The more opportunities you have to build relationships with others, the better. Past students can give you great info on networking. Reaching out to past students on sites like LinkedIn can give additional insight about whether a program actively helped them build their networks.

Some institutions will also have networking activities such as residency components where students meet up at certain locations for a few days or a week. During the residency, students participate in seminars, socialize, and learn from business leaders. The right online MBA program should offer a great education but also address your personal needs — your schedule, any family responsibilities, and finances.

For most students, a flexible schedule is key.Note: This post was originally published on August 22, and was updated on December 8, This post contains affiliate links. Folks, hang onto your hats. The free MBA has finally arrived. Starting aroundMOOCs made it possible to get a top-tier business education for free minus the degree of course.

Since then, there has been an explosion of MBA programs and other business credentials, all costing less than a quarter of a traditional MBA.

Still, none of them has managed to do what Smartly has done. Smartly offers the only truly free MBA degree. Not a scholarship, not free-to-audit, but a fully free business education resulting in an MBA degree. The Smartly MBA is delivered online through a highly interactive technology application.

No PowerPoint, no lectures. To complete each lesson, students must interact with the system constantly, every 8. The curriculum includes lessons on 9 business subjects, a full MBA education. The program is one hundred percent free for students.

smartly executive mba reviews

Smartly makes its money on the back end, by charging recruitment fees to the employers Smartly expects will eagerly snap up its graduates. Students are accepted by application only.

smartly executive mba reviews

So far, Smartly has had about 2, students go through its programs, including both currently enrolled students and alums. Perhaps even more incredible than its price is that fact that students can finish the program in just nine months. Smartly decided to launch their offering into the marketplace without waiting to complete the lengthy accreditation process, which can take multiple years.

Smartly does plan to seek accreditation in the future. These are Ivy Leaguers, entrepreneurs, investors, top-tier coders, consultants, and graphic designers. The typical Smartly student has already achieved considerable academic and career success. That is certainly the case with Yash Jain, one of the members of the inaugural Smartly cohort.

Jain currently works as a strategic business development consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. His a long term goal is to become a venture capitalist in the area of health technology. Jain holds an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from The George Washington University and a graduate degree in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania.

While Jain did have some hesitation about joining an unknown and untested online MBA program, he says those fears evaporated once he started to meet the other members of his incoming class. This is where students in each cohort do collaborative group work and case studies online. Does a free MBA sound too good to be true? Well, for most people, it still is. So, while its technology program is scalable, Smartly serves the same kind of students that would typically be found in the most elite MBA programs.

To put that into perspective, Harvard Business School had 4 alumni on the same list. Going forward, Smartly plans to keep its MBA highly selective but says that the company is still solving an important problem for many talented students. Not everyone who is able to get into a top MBA program can afford to go.

smartly executive mba reviews

With the Smartly MBA, price is not a barrier. Thanks to its scalable technology, Smartly can accept more students than many on-campus programs can. Of the top 10 business schools worldwide, Smartly is on pace to be the largest in enrollment in Additionally, as the company expands, it plans to develop other programs and degrees that will be open as well as free.

The month Executive MBA program is geared towards mid-career professionals with additional courses in management, leadership, entrepreneurship and strategy.

Admission is weighted more on career achievements, and the curriculum emphasizes peer activities with group projects and collaborative case studies.